Company Profile

P&C Welding and Constructions specialises in fuel installations and are experts in pipe work, general and structural welding, concreting and earthworks.

Other specialised services include demolition of fuel installations, consisting of above and below ground tanks, and associated buildings and structures. We have successfully completed a number of contracts for oil companies, mines and the NT Government; visit our Projects page for details of these.

With years of experience, a professional team, consistent procedures and techniques, P&C Welding and Construction will provide first class service.

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Public Liability Indemnity Limit: $20,000,000
Products Liability Indemnity Limit: $20,000,000
Workers Compensation: per industry rate

Corporate Governance

Quality Assurance System

  • Accredited Contractor for BP Australia
  • Accredited Contractor for Shell Company of Australia
  • AIP Accredited (Australian Institute of Petroleum)
  • Class 1 Demolition Licence - including asbestos removal (NT and WA)
  • Code Compliant for the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry
  • IS Networld Accredited - A Grade


P&C Welding and Constructions’ policy recognises the health and safety of all employees and sub contractors. In fulfilling its responsibilities, P&C Welding has a duty to provide and maintain, so far as practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.

The quest of P&C Weldings’ health and safety programs is to maintain a working environment in which no person is injured and no plant and equipment damaged.

P&C Welding joined IS Networld to meet the requirements of Shell Company Australia. IS Networld collects verifies safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information. P&C Welding is proud of their A grade accreditation.

Environment Protection

P&C Welding will endeavour to have the highest concern for the protection of the environment. Waste management and concern are part of our OH&S system.

Australian Standards

  • AS 1692 Tanks for flammable & combustible liquids
  • AS 1940-2004 Storage & handling of flammable and combustible liquids
  • AS2177 Radiography of welded butt joints Part 1
  • AS2430 Classification of hazardous areas
  • AS3892 Pressure equipment installation
  • AS4041 Pressure piping
  • AIP CP4 Design, installation and operation of underground petroleum storage systems

Our latest project:

Our Services

  • Demolition and Commissioning of fuel installations
  • Relocation of vertical and horizontal tanks
  • Pipe work (pressure, stainless steel, copper)
  • All types of gas free and hot work
  • All structural steel
  • Concrete and earth works
  • Asbestos removal
  • Painting and electrical